• 8 Hours of Penny Stock Videos

    8 Hours of Penny Stock Videos

    You will learn the strategies and techniques mastered by the creator of the Hacking Penny Stock series in this 8-hour video collection.

  • No Monthly Fees

    No Monthly Fees

    With the Lifetime Student Bundle you only make a ONE-TIME payment, with no recurring bills and no hidden fees.

  • 7+ years experience

    7+ years experience

    I've been trading penny stocks since January of 2010. Since then, I've developed a winning strategy that I teach to my students.

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    Lifetime Access

    As a student, you will gain access to hours of exclusive penny stock tutorials for life, including a lifetime membership to the newsletter.

  • No Experience Necessary

    No Experience Necessary

    Perfect for beginners with no experience in the stock market. Learn my strategies to help you become a pro!

  • Trade Penny Stocks w/ Over 300% Gains

    Trade Penny Stocks w/ Over 300% Gains

    Many penny stocks encounter high-volatility, which translates to higher percentage gains.

  • I learned a lot from your videos and tutorials. So much cheaper than other penny stock mentors and the good thing is they actually work lol
    R. Santos
  • I can't even show how much I appreciate these videos. I was able to pay off all of my student loans in just 8 months following his strategies.
    Jesse F.
  • Probably the smartest guy in penny stocks. Helped me make about $3,000 in my first 2 months. His videos and premium newsletters paid for itself!
    Jeremy Y.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy? Is it possible to make money in penny stocks? I’m sure if you answered “no” to these questions, you probably wouldn’t be here right now. A more appropriate question that should be addressed is: Is it possible to become a millionaire with a $1,000 investment by trading penny stocks? Keep reading, because I’m going to answer that question in just a bit. But first, I’d like to share some of my qualifications with you as a penny stock trader with over 7 years of trading experience. Many people want to become wealthy, I mean, who doesn’t? The problem is that the majority of people who want to become wealthy, occupy this relentless desire without sacrificing their time or energy. They want to get rich quick, with little to no investment or cost and minimal effort involved. Based on my years of experience, the vast majority of penny stock traders will fail. One of the contributory factors for their failure is because they’ve tried to invest with this same mindset—”Get rich quick with no working knowledge.” If there’s any valuable suggestion I could give any new penny stock trader, it’s this: Educate yourself! KNOWLEDGE = POWER. Don’t just sit around expecting money to arbitrarily enter your trading account. If you want to make money in penny stocks, you need to take the initiative to dedicate yourself, both financially and mentally, to penny stocks. That’s why I’ve created my penny stock newsletters and video tutorials to help guide you so that you can make your own financial decisions.

Top 5 Reasons Penny Stock Traders Lose Money

  1. Lack of knowledge/ignorance
  2. Doesn’t have a strategy
  3. Too emotional
  4. Gives up easily
  5. Too impatient


Despite losing thousands of dollars during my early years trading (which happens among many inexperienced penny stock traders), what separated me from the others is that I didn’t give up. I learned some costly mistakes, but now I’m giving you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I’ve created video tutorials to help educate new penny stock traders to help avoid losses, and accrue profits by capitalizing on the right moment. After many years of hard work and dedication, I can live comfortably without leaving my desk. Now I am giving you the opportunity to do the same. I have some students who are still in college, even quite a few still in high school. They might not be making $30,000 per month, but you know what, that’s totally fine. They get by with $500-$1000 per month. That’s better than getting paid working at a fast food restaurant flipping burgers for 40 hours per week. I have other students with full-time jobs paying almost $100,000/yr and they use their penny stock money as supplemental income for a lavish vacation every now and then. So you might be asking yourself, why do some traders make more than others? Just remember the old adage: “You reap what you sow.” If you want to make good money, you need to dedicate yourself and study hard. Money does not just fall out of the sky. If you’re serious about securing your financial prospects, I’ve provided you with the essential tools, but now you need to do your part to make it happen.

*These results are not typical and do not apply to every investor. Trading penny stocks materializes in a highly volatile market and participants are subject to significant losses incurred by these volatile assets. Results may vary depending on the knowledge, experience and willingness to adapt to fluctuating market conditions of every investor.

Product Description

Learn the strategies and techniques that helped this former computer hacker make over $400,000 trading penny stocks in this 8-hour video tutorial. He predicted the crash of Bitcoin in 2013, the bankruptcy of RadioShack a year before the company filed for bankruptcy, the crash of the market in August of 2015, along with countless other penny stock companies. He holds a degree in finance with expertise ranging in fields from stock trading, statistics, physics, and even psychology, all of which are implemented in this video collection.


Vol. 1 – Intro to Hacking Penny Stocks

  • This 2-hour penny stock tutorial is FREE and can be watched here: youtube.com/watch?v=k0gU39fOjpM
  • Understand how supply and demand can affect the price of a stock to predict the outcome much more efficiently.
  • Great video for beginning penny stock traders.
  • Learn about correlation and causality, equilibrium pricing, different trading strategies and styles, fundamental penny stock terminology.
  • Plus lots more!
Vol. 2 – How to Buy and Sell Penny Stocks

  • In this video, you’re going to learn how to utilize a lot of techniques that will help you place actual trades in the stock market.
  • Some great personal tips from the creator of this series on mitigating risk when placing trades.
  • Video is jam-packed with crucial terminology that should be recognized by all penny stock traders.
  • Over 1 1/2 hours of valuable penny stock information.
Vol. 3 – Penny Stock Psychology

  • The creator of the Hacking Penny Stocks video series takes you on a journey into the human brain and applies behavioral finance and market psychology to penny stocks.
  • Learn about how human emotions such as greed, fear and even love and happiness can affect penny stocks.
  • Some other aspects of this video include avoiding logical fallacies, herd mentalities, and an introduction to climax patterns.
  • Run time is approximately one hour.
Vol. 4 – Penny Stock News

  • The 4th volume of this series is critical. A lot of money is made in penny stocks based on the news, and this video describes what to look for in news-related events that drive prices higher, as well as lower.
  • This video is targeted towards penny stock traders with intermediate experience.
  • Some of the issues discussed involve: earnings estimates, how to interpret trading halts & suspensions, identify certain penny stock scams, as well as gaining a basic comprehension of the FDA and the process involved that can make or break certain biotech and pharmaceutical penny stock comapnies.
  • A must-see video for all intermediate penny stock traders.
  • Run time of approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Vol. 5 – Penny Stock Chart Patterns

  • This is a 2-hour and 20 minute penny stock tutorial showcasing tips, tricks, personal discoveries and his own experiences that are oblivious to other penny stock traders.
  • Gain a more fundamental understanding of penny stocks by applying unique chart patterns that will enable you, as a trader, gain a more competitive advantage over other penny stock traders.
  • Go into greater detail regarding climax patterns and how to capitalize on their dynamics.
  • Learn some of the personal strategies implemented by the creator of the Hacking Penny Stock series that led him on the path to prosperity. Also learn about his downfalls, and how to avoid the inherent risks associated with penny stocks.

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I’ve been trading for over 7 years, and during this time I’ve been able to develop key strategies to detect when penny stocks begin to rise as well as when they being to decline. The strategies I’ve applied to penny stocks has been working for the past several years since the patterns presented in the charts, in conjunction with the behaviors of penny stock traders, have remained relatively consistent. The same reproducible patterns have occurred time and time again, and this is why it’s much easier to make money in penny stocks than many other financial instruments available in the financial markets. By utilizing my strategies such as my personal “halfway point” formula and my divisible by 5 rule, I’ve been able to cultivate significant gains due to the effectiveness of my strategies. And now I am providing my knowledge, expertise and services to you for just a very small fee. Sign up to become a student today below!





The Hacking Penny Stocks Newsletter is a premium service that delivers information about currently trending penny stocks, and penny stocks that have accumulated a substantial quantity of demand, which equates to soaring stock prices. When you sign up to become a student you get my newsletter absolutely free for a lifetime membershipNo monthly fees, no recurring payments, no hidden charges. Just a one-time payment. All the premium content is delivered straight to your e-mail. And once in a while, I will upload certain discoveries and anomalies within the penny stock market. I am not paid or compensated by the companies featured in my newsletters like some newsletter distributors. The stocks are based on my own personal observations and I apply my years of experience and strategies to help guide you onto the path to prosperity. I’ve included a sample of my premium newsletter below.

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What Customers Are Saying About Hacking Penny Stocks

I learned a lot from your videos and tutorials. So much cheaper than other penny stock mentors and the good thing is they actually work lol
R. Santos
R. Santos
I can't even show how much I appreciate these videos. I was able to pay off all of my student loans in just 8 months following his strategies.
Jesse F.
Jesse F.
Probably the smartest guy in penny stocks. Helped me make about $3,000 in my first 2 months. His videos and premium newsletters paid for itself!
Jeremy Y.
Jeremy Y.

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